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This Place benefited from the vision, trust and extraordinary generosity of many enlightened philanthropists, who provided the artists with the time, resources and freedom to create these photographs and then bring them to the world’s attention.

With great gratitude, we salute:

The Charles H. Revson Foundation

Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund

The Joseph S. and Diane H. Steinberg Charitable Trust

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

Sacks Family Foundation

Andrew and Ann Tisch Foundation

The Russell Berrie Foundation

Robert and Trudy Gottesman Philanthropic Fund

Righteous Persons Foundation

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Harvey and Constance Krueger

Pears Foundation

The Honickman Foundation

Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation

Dorian Goldman

Katja and Michael Sonnenfeldt

Bank Hapoalim

Phillipe Amon

The David Berg Foundation

Nelly Munthe

Jonathan Nadler

Joel and Ulrika Citron

The Posen Foundation

Corinne Evens/Olivestone Trust

The Skirball Foundation

Marc Rowan,

Ralph Levy Charitable Company

Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation

Philip Sofaer

Michael Sofaer

The Georg Waechter Memorial Foundation

The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

Virginia Bayer and Robert Hirt

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund

Emanuel and Riane Gruss Charitable Foundation

Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation

Diane Troderman

Maurice and Sandra Benezra

Marc and Nathalie Berrebi

The Ellen and Gary Davis Foundation

Cathy and Solly Lawi

Philippe and Catherine Leopold-Metzger

Dafna Meitar Nechmad/The Zvi and Ofra Meitar

Family Fund

Robert de Rothschild

Marina Nissim

Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin Family Fund

Robert and Marjorie Imershein

The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

Daniel Abittan

William Berkman

Abdallah Chatila

Gultine and Erik David Ephrati

Maurice and Vanessa Ephrati

Manja Gideon

Charles and Ariane Joory

The Andrew and Marina Lewin Family Foundation

Eliane and Philippe Meyer

Irene Pletka

Laurent Reiss

Sylvain and Eliane Roditi

Eric and Sue-Ann Siegel,

Alan B. Slifka Foundation

Jerry Spitzer

Orna and Geoffrey Stern

Malcolm Thomson

Daniel Treves

Michael and Diane Ziering Family Fund

Irving S. Weinstein Philanthropic Fund

Marvin Davis and Sarah Sternklar

Milton H. Dresner Foundation

Danielle and Sam Fayon

Mirka and Luc Fayon Jessica and Moni Fayon

Igal Kandiyoti

Jeff Keil

Stephanie and Alfred Shuman

The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

Marti Meyerson

Candida Gertier/Outset Contemporary Art Fund

Sherman Family Foundation

Gilbert B. and Lila Silverman Foundation

Marlene Borman

1989 Sheinbaum Trust

Wallace Handler

Tamar Dresdner

We gratefully thank and respect the privacy of our anonymous donors.


We were also nourished by the friendship and support of partner organizations:

The American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee


The Jerusalem Foundation and Mishkenot Sthaananim

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Picto in Paris

Fotocare in New York and Kata in Israel


Pachtuv Palace in Prague,

member of Ott Properties

and Alegra Hotel, Jerusalem